There are forty-one candidates who have qualified for the ballot in the upcoming recall election against Gavin Newsom. A forty-second name, Larry Elder, the popular libertarian talk radio host, may potentially be added to the ballot if a court orders the Secretary of State to do so.

In determining the order these candidates’ names will show up on the ballot, the Secretary of State conducted a , which is necessary to preserve fairness on the ballot — names that appear at the top of lists tend to fare better than names buried somewhere in the middle.

This randomized…

In an exclusive report from the frontlines of Eastern Ukraine where tensions remain high as a large-scale military conflict between Russia and Ukraine may be provoked at any moment, CNN’s Matthew Chance reports that “a dramatic build up of Russian forces near the Ukrainian border” includes military hardware being transported by rail towards that border.

CNN Report by Matthew Chance via CNN on YouTube.

But the video of that military hardware Mr. Chance says is on its way to join some 50,000 Russian troops that have already amassed at Russia’s border with Ukraine actually shows what Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman…

Russian pranksters Alexey Stolarov (“Lexus”) and Vladimir Kuznetsov (“Vovan”), who have been impersonating Greta Thunberg and her father Svante in numerous prank calls to Hollywood celebrities, American and European politicians, and other high-profile public figures such as Prince Harry, say they’re retiring their Greta character, hope they didn’t offend the teenage climate activist, and would like to meet her — in Russia.

Lexus and Vovan— both in their mid-30s — say they never meant to offend Thunberg — who just turned 18 this past January — and insist they had no agenda against her or her climate campaign. …

In a now produced in September 2017 by Hollywood actor and filmmaker Robert Reiner’s Committee to Investigate Russia, Morgan Freeman made headlines around the world and spurred strong reactions from Moscow after accusing the Russian government of interfering in the 2016 presidential elections — something Mr. Freeman in the video equated to an attack on the United States.

“Morgan Freeman was duped like Colin Powell was a while back,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova wrote on her page at the time, elaborating on an intentional effort by the Obama Administration to prevent their secret wiretapping of…

Louis J. Marinelli

Founder of Calexit. Candidate for Governor. US Citizen. Domiciled in California. Resident of Russia. Political Science @OregonState. Journalism @UCLAExtension.

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